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Well, you’re here which undoubtedly is far better than having your face gnawed off by a rabid bear, but that’s probably not going to happen so let’s move on, ok?

What is CopeWithMartin and what does it all mean?

You probably think it’s about coping with me, Martin and to some extent you would be correct, but since there are two people who contribute to this site, myself, Martin Amell and the love of my life, the one and only, wonderful Sylvia Cope. Yes, Sylvia has the unique distinction of having to cope with me on a regular basis. Anyone who knows me also knows coping with me probably ain’t the easiest task you’ve ever had to endure. It could be worse though so there you have it. Cope is Sylvia’s last name and I’m Martin so the site is CopeWithMartin. Get it?

No? Well that’s just too bad. We called the site CopeWithMartin and the name is going to stick so get over it.

What can you find here on CopeWithMartin?

Our opinions are important to us and although we don’t always agree on everything we do agree on many things. You’ll get to read our opinions on many things, agreements along with disagreements. This site is really about our lives, the things we share as well as the things we keep separate. You probably won’t find our deepest held secrets we’re trying to keep from each other since we both read and contribute to CopeWithMartin. That wouldn’t make a lot of sense now would it?

We also both enjoy writing and it’s not all just opinions pieces. You might find a recipe for something delicious or something bland and maybe something you’ll regret ever putting in your mouth. We promise to never intentionally poison you with dangerous substances. It is, after all up to you what you eat and drink.

You might also find just news of the day, family announcements, pictures of things we grow in the garden or perhaps something I’ve built in the woodshop or something I’m planning to build. You never really know until you bother looking over the site.

Today (Tuesday, June 7, 2019) I began adding games to the site and you will find them on the post listings. I’ll eventually list them all on one easy to find page.

The site is still new

Although still new, which by the way means there’s not much here yet this site won’t always remain new. This particular paragraph, however will probably remain here telling you it’s new. It’ll be up to you to determine when it’s no longer new. There probably will never be the grand announcement to tell you that CopeWithMartin is finally not new.

Can you, a visitor become a contributor?

We’re not sure yet, but you’re more than welcome to ask. There are no guarantees so don’t go telling everyone you were promised to be a contributor when no such promises have been made.

You can become a member which gives you really nothing other than a little text with your name on it. Yey, huh? Just ask. Still, no guarantees.

Thank you!

We’re glad you stopped by and encourage you to do so often. Tell your friends, family, co-workers and ever stranger you pass by on the street, sidewalk or grocery store. They’ll appreciate it and will probably never bother to visit after you tell them how awesome CopeWithMartin really is, but those are the breaks. Do it anyway!

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