Four More Years! Four More Years!

By Sylvia

The classic chant at political rallies, but, NO, that’s not what I mean.  I’m advocating four more years with Mr. Wonderful, Martin Robert Amell, the love of my life.  Yesterday was our fourth anniversary and, honestly, I love him more than ever and feel that our love is truly time-tested and sturdy.  We celebrated by driving aimlessly around and wound up at Waffle House for dinner.  We were a little overdressed for the venue, but the three young employees (there were no other patrons at the time) were delighted that we were choosing to have dinner at their restaurant and they went out of their way to be friendly and make sure everything was just as we wanted it!  You can’t get goodwill like that at some snooty overpriced bistro, now can you?  The present we gave each other was being together, talking, laughing, being grateful that we’re still together and surviving our little life.  It don’t get much better than that… at least I don’t think so!  So FOUR MORE YEARS, DARLING!

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