My would-be multi billion dollar lottery ticket

I’ve often wondered just why people think that winning some huge lottery would make their lives better. There are countless stories of misery for past winners of lotteries. Why would anyone want such a risk in their lives? Do you really believe you’re so smart that you couldn’t possibly screw things up like so many have in the past?

So before I win I’ve made plans for how to deal with my newfound wealth.
Hint: Someone else will have their life changed.

I’ve been homeless before so I know how many lives I could change with a few billion dollars. Well, I don’t know exactly how many, but it’ll certainly be more than just a few.
First is the foundation that builds inexpensive houses in an area purchased away from the hustle and bustle of the big city. It doesn’t have to be out in the middle of nowhere, but it won’t be in the middle of Manhattan either, just far enough off the beaten path that the neighbors won’t complain about all the unwanted traffic.
Next is the board that selects people who will be given a new chance in life to have a place to call home. The board will not be staffed by technocrats with an agenda to only give housing to people who jump through countless hoops to qualify. To be honest, I’m not particularly interested in essay writing qualifiers. It’s far to easy to hire someone else to write a sad story for you or to write it yourself. We’ve all read about the many liars who write about how tough life is for them only to later find out it was all a farce to separate you from your money. No, the lucky few will just have to be at the right place at the right time. Yeah, life works like that now doesn’t it?
People will need the opportunity to have jobs once they’re given a new home. Being given a new home is nice and all, but if you’re too poor to pay for basic upkeep it’ll soon fall into disrepair. These new homes will have to have a maintenance staff on hand around the clock because let’s face it, many people just don’t have the necessary skills to do home maintenance if they’ve never had to do it before. There’s jobs right there for a few people. Of course an office will have to be built and staffed so there’s more jobs. Every penny has to be accounted for so there’s yet more jobs. The lucky few who actually receive the opportunity for a new home will need transportation to their new home and someone to do the heavy lifting of the furniture and so on. I seriously doubt you’ll qualify if you already own a new 2018 pickup truck. Chances are you’re not currently living in a homeless shelter as I type this if you own a brand new pickup truck.
Once there the new residents of this utopia will need transportation to doctors offices, grocery stores and so on. Thinking of grocery stores, my new housing project(s) will need groceries near by and I have little doubt I could probably find enough people willing to help run the local farm to produce fresh food

I have little doubt I have a pie in the sky syndrome so I’m sure I’m already messing up. After all, I haven’t even purchased a ticket yet!
Let’s suppose I do manage to actually purchase the winning ticket and haven’t lost it.. What next?
Lawyers and tax specialists and financial planners! I don’t know of any I actually trust so I’m going to have to find a few well qualified people…you know…only the best people as Individual 1 would say. HA!

Now many people might think of me as a fool for wanting to basically give away the lions share of my newfound wealth. Well, that’s just too bad. You can do as you please if you win instead. I want to help people.

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