What poor folks shouldn’t be allowed to do

Don’t read too much into the title here. It’s definitely not a rant against people who aren’t rich, rather it’s more a rant against attitudes seemingly popular in comment sections, Facebook, etc.
How many times have you read an article about some poor family with several children who go through life without the finer things in life only to read the comments, “They shouldn’t be allowed to breed!” (and other self righteous nonsense) It’s as if to say, You don’t earn enough money to be allowed the most basic of life’s simple pleasures, only the affluent should be permitted to smile once in awhile.
Folks, like it or not sex among two consenting adults in the privacy of their homes is still legal in all 50 states and the rest of the world as far as I’m aware with no pending legislation that would make a lick of sense is in the works to change that.
The simple matter of life is we need poor people to have kids for a number of reasons. First, there are a LOT more poor people than there are rich people. If we had to only rely on rich people to have kids the population of earth would plummet to about 9 people in a few generations. Nobody would ever perform the menial tasks we all need done. Does anyone realistically believe that the richest people on earth would bother to clean up after themselves, grow enough crops to feed themselves, or even dispose of all the dead and dying corpses after such policies were theoretically enacted? Heck no. They’d want poor folks to do all that.
I can remember as a young man when my libido was at its peak. I didn’t particularly care if I had sex that I MIGHT not become a millionaire later on to afford to take the kids to Disneyland every summer. At 19 years old one of the last things on my mind was the potential cost of sending theoretical kids to college later on. Nope, like nearly every young person on earth at the time my prime motivation was to get laid, end of story. That’s not to say that I probably could have planned my life better. I most certainly could have, but I didn’t.
I was poor, but had two kids anyway and although they often did without every luxury known to man they still turned out OK. Plenty of people do OK in life even after having been born into poverty and in fact we’re often told by prominent politicians how they struggled and were raised in poverty themselves. Are we to believe that they somehow had magic on their sides? No. They simply figured out how to earn a living at some point and even though it’s tougher on poor folks to get a foothold on the way up, it’s not impossible nor should any poor person be shunned by any society for having children. People, even poor people find ways to survive and somehow pass on their ways to their offspring. You would be hard pressed to find many parents who don’t want their kids to do better than they were able to do. We’re born with a part of our brains that tells us to teach our kids how to survive as well. It’s not inherently unique to people with a lot of money to want their kids to do well in life.
Is it tragic when kids go through life without all the advantages life has to offer? Sure, but it’s not as if that’s a new concept. Billions upon billions throughout history were born into and died in poverty. Billions more will follow suit. We simply cannot legislate having kids in poverty out of existence. No law can possibly prevent ignorance and stupidity. The only laws we could enact would be to level the proverbial playing field so that the very rich aren’t allowed to own 99% of everything and expect the rest of the world to be happy with the remaining 1%. Life just doesn’t work like that. There comes a tipping point when the poorest get a tad tired of being enslaved to serve only the richest of the world which makes for extremely violent revolutions and the like. If you truly want to be witness to extremely violent revolutions where people are routinely beheaded for having more than everyone else then vote to make sex among poor people illegal. Otherwise try voting to let us have a level playing field for everyone and not just the very few born into lives of opulence and privileges.
Just ask yourselves when was the last time a multi billionaire offered to help pay your bills when things got tough. I’m betting that it happens so infrequently that you could live without reading about the lives of the rich and famous and it happens to infrequently that if you do read about that poor family struggling so much you might actually relate to them a lot easier than the multi billionaire.
Here’s to young people getting laid with no strings attached other than the requirement that they take care of their kids and are responsible for their well being. As for the multi billionaire class? Well, for their sake let’s hope they can avoid a beheading in exchange for their greed.

Perhaps an edit or two is on the way. You’ll find out soon enough.

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