Speaking Politics, Are We Insane Yet?

Well of course we are. I really didn’t have to ask such a rhetorical question, but I’m not even talking red states, blue states, party vs party. It’s just the sheer insanity and quality (or actual lack of quality) that makes it insane these days. It’s not just within the United States the insanity has been.
Britain has lost its collective mind with Brexit and no apparent deal thus risking being cast off to the financial wilderness for every average UK citizen (also thanks to another right wing bunch in the UK, the Tories backed by a greedy newspaper guy, Rupert Murdoch from Australia of all places).
Much of Eastern Europe has elected to go hard right wing and that’s after having been through Soviet rule and Nazi rule before that. What could they possibly be thinking? We’ve largely fallen for a guy who once was a KGB operative somehow thinking he and his criminal cabal somehow have the solution for the rest of the world when just a few years prior most of Western Civilization soundly rejected these people. Now they’re somehow the wonder-guys of all political order and we should trust them?

It’s not only in the US and Europe things are crazy. South America is still mired in corruption thanks in large part to some behind the scenes tinkering by our CIA, hard right wing backing to defeat the alleged threat of Communism which by the way gave us those wonderful death squads of the 80s and 90s in Central America and when they were no longer needed heavily armed criminal drug cartels to take their places to not only market very dangerous drugs on the streets of the US, but floods of immigrants desperately trying to get free of their grasps which brings us back to more insanity here at home, a “president” consistently telling us to NOT trust anyone fleeing the very dangers we instituted for ‘our safety and freedom’.

I don’t even want to delve into Asia with the insanity that has become China, the nation we sold our very souls to in exchange for cheap labor and supposed access to markets of well over a billion people who are routinely told to not buy our stuff and who are so terrified of questioning their own government that the Chinese government can quite literally do anything they want to their population up to and including murdering millions at a time just to control population growth mong other dubious reasons.
I apologize to any nation I might have left out in this collection of insanity. I only have so much room in my brain for insanity and frankly I don’t want to pick a bone with every nation on earth. I already picked on enough of the crazies.

The one saving grace to all of it is we all get the opportunity to someday die and leave all this insanity behind. They still haven’t figure out how to keep us all alive forever to be slaves to the trillionaire class. Thank goodness we get to die someday!

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