Cedar Planter Boxes

I’ve made several of these beautiful planters, solid red cedar and sealed with teak oil to protect them from the elements or they can be left untreated if you prefer the aromatic scent of cedar instead.. They’re for sale starting at $30 each and if you don’t live in the Columbia, SC area I can ship them to you for an additional charge. I’m not paying for the shipping. If you want one (or more) just let me know the dimensions you need (up to 48″ in length and 10″ wide) and I’ll give you a price. Keep in mind they do take a little time to produce, usually a day each, but it may take longer depending on the availability of cedar at my local lumber supplier. Drop me an email if you’re interested at [email protected]. Just ask for my phone number if you want it, but that has to happen via email. I don’t post it on this site.

Thanks for looking!

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