Have a little fun with Connect The Dots

OK, so it’s not the funnest game in the entire world, but it’s basically the same game everyone played as a kid on scraps of paper and let’s face it, if you never played Connect The Dots when you were a kid there just has to be something fundamentally wrong with your childhood, but it’s not too late. Play it now! For the purposes of this version they call it Circle Your Land. Silly, huh? It’s still just Connect the Dots no matter what they call it. Enjoy yourself and salvage your fundamentally flawed childhood. And just in case you’re wondering this game is winnable, but computers are tricky things. You won’t be playing against some paste eating little twirp from next door.

Since I’m just using the free version you’ll see the ads and “add your logo” on every game on this site unless I manage to find some I can change that.
If you find some other games you’d like to play on our site let us know in the comments. Just click on “More games” which will take you to Novel Games.

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