What kind of planet do you want to leave behind to your kids?

Now I’m pretty sure most readers here are not going to have much significant effect on the planet we live on, but that’s not really my point. It’s aimed at the much broader audience of people in general. We’ve all read a lot about global warming, climate change and the like lately, but few of us are in a position to do a lot about it. Most of us really can’t change the policies of nations much less the policies of the entire world, but there is a question everyone needs to answer.
Do you even remotely care what your children’s future might be like? Of course you do, but let’s take it a tad further. What, exactly are you personally willing to sacrifice to ensure your kids have a future with an inhabitable planet? I dare say most of us are not willing to sacrifice much since one person walking instead of driving isn’t going to change anything. One person willing to recycle everything won’t change much of significance.
The real question needs to be asked by those in power and of those in power it’s not enough to tell the rest of us how important this is, but they, themselves must also be included even when it puts their own lives at risk. If our leaders are willing to risk OUR lives then we had better start expecting them as well to take the same risks and make the same sacrifices.
Should presidents have private jets to travel the world in their own personal safety cocoons while the rest of us put our own lives at risk every day while they advance agenda’s that only benefit themselves and their friends? I don’t think so. Folks, presidents, politicians and corporate CEO’s ARE replaceable. None of them are so utterly special that they should never have to face the same risks the rest of us face and that should cross all party lines and affiliations. It’s not only about safety, it’s about the sustainability of our planet and nobody should be excluded from the risks we all face.

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